Faithful Catholicism

Catholic Polytechnic University will provide faithfully Catholic theology courses, and a focus on the integration of science and faith. Catholic sacraments, Masses (including Latin offered), and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament will be hallmarks of student life. Our goal is to become recommended by the Cardinal Newman Society "Guide to Choosing a Catholic College", to have professors take the Oath of Fidelity to the Magisterium, and to abide by Ex Corde Ecclesiae.

New Model of Learning

Based on the empirical science of learning, course content will be delivered using novel methods of instruction, with emphasis on hands-on learning, debate, creative thinking, and writing skills.

Face to Face and Online Learning

Catholic Polytechnic University will incorporate online learning platforms with in-person classes at the Don Bosco Technical Institute when classes begin.

Help Catholic Polytechnic University form degree programs and curriculum.

Applying to Catholic Polytechnic

What is your story? What journey does God have in mind for you? How can Catholic Polytechnic help you achieve your goals? If you feel called to a career that combines science, technology, engineering, math or business with the underpinnings of Catholic faith, consider applying to Catholic Polytechnic University.

Deadlines and Application Procedure

Because Catholic Polytechnic is in its formation, the application process and timeline is yet to be determined. Please keep checking back for updates.

Financial Aid

To be determined, but we are strategically considering many avenues for keeping the tuition low, while hiring top teaching and administrative personnel.


Anticipated Undergraduate Major: Computer Science.

Eventual Majors: Science (biology, chemistry, biotechnology, neuroscience, physics), Technology (programming, data science, cyber security, and artificial intelligence), Engineering (chemical, civil, mechanical, electrical, environmental), Math/Accounting/Statistics, and Business/Communications. More majors may be added over time and according to demand. Convergent degrees are encouraged.

Particular emphasis is placed on polytechnic careers in high demand, particularly those that fill the needs of partnered companies. We want relationships with many of the companies in the area so that students gain hands-on skills via internships.

Anticipated Academic Departments

  • Business
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Math
  • Science
  • Theology/Philosophy

Catholic Identity

Faithful Catholicism

For centuries, the Catholic Church has been at the forefront of science and technology. Contrary to modern-day popular belief, there are no contradictions between faith and science. Catholic Polytechnic was designed to embody how faith and science intermingle, and is carrying on that tradition in the midst of a changing world. The more we learn of the created, the more we learn of our Creator.

Catholic Polytechnic presents an opportunity to demonstrate leadership where students and faculty do not compromise Catholic principles to practice science and engineering. Catholic Polytechnic will be a strong voice in a world that often suppresses religious expression.

Our Patron Saints

  • St. Joan of Arc for her humble willingness to fight the good fight
  • St. John Newman for his dedication to the ideal of Catholic higher education
  • St. Thomas Aquinas for his scholarship
  • St. Thèrése of Lisieux for her charity and endurance
  • St. Michael the Archangel for his courage and wisdom in battling evil
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I see the importance of Catholic education in equipping the next generation of leaders in America.

I work for the Cardinal Newman Society promoting faithful Catholic education, and am trained and have previously taught nuclear engineering and physics at a college level. I am always looking for places to send those who want a STEM degree without throwing their Catholic faith out the door in order to achieve it. I believe that both STEM and Catholic faith are mutually inclusive. It appears that you have the answer at Catholic Polytechnic University.

I am a Catholic Business Professional looking to support the great initiative you are undertaking to bring together a higher education of faithful Catholic Theology with the STEM fields through prayer and fasting on your behalf. I also have two High School age children whom I would love to have the option to attend a university such as Catholic Polytech where their Faith, Science and Reason would be wonderfully blended into a world class, wholistic education.

Dr. Jennifer Nolan

Dr. Jennifer Nolan

Dr. Jennifer Nolan (President and Co-Founder) holds a Ph.D. in Psychology from the Dept. of Cognitive Science at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) with specialization in memory, dementias, stroke and insulin resistance. She is a brain plasticity specialist and certified Cogmed provider. Previously, she was the C.O.O. and co-founder of a stroke and brain injury rehabilitation center. Dr. Nolan has taught university courses at UCIrvine, Loyola Marymount University, and Glendale Community College. She has conducted local and nationwide clinical trials, and published in both scientific journals and popular magazines.

Mr. Christopher Plance

Mr. Christopher Plance

Mr. Christopher Plance (Co-Founder) has an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology from Westmont College and a M.A. in Theology from Franciscan University. He has worked as the Director of Evangelization for St. John Paul the Great Catholic University in Escondido, CA. He was an essential part of their accreditation process and is familiar with the steps necessary for WASC approval. He has taught theology and history at Catholic high schools for four years, and is a regular public speaker on topics of Catholic theology.

Mr. Jeff Hilger

Mr. Jeff Hilger, Esq.

Mr. Jeff Hilger (School Startup Specialist and VP of Operations) is an educator and attorney who, relentlessly dissatisfied with the status quo, strives to make the world a better place by embracing challenging opportunities. In the years since graduating from Loyola High, Georgetown, UCLA Law, and Teach For America, he has founded, managed, and overseen the growth of five schools (Stella Middle Charter Academy, Bright Star Secondary Charter, New Opportunities Jail School, Family First Adult School, and St. John Paul II STEM Academy) and the organizations that support them (Bright Star Schools and New Opportunities Organization). After serving as managing editor of the UCLA Law Review and a law clerk for the US District Court, he developed a steady legal practice, including laying the grounds for an appellate victory at the US Supreme Court (543 US 499,) as well as work in real estate, contracts, and governmental accountability. He credits his Catholic faith, patriotism, family, and bilingualism for many of his successes, which have come from the graces of the Holy Spirit, and his intention, through discernment, to do God’s will. Jeff and his wife Cari live in Culver City and have four children, including one at the University of Notre Dame and another playing soccer for the College of the Holy Cross.

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