Giving Glory to God Through Science, Technology and Engineering

CPU is now accepting applications for Fall 2024.

Catholic Polytechnic is a nonprofit Catholic institution of higher education whose mission is to promote the intersection of faith and science as seen through the lens of faithful Catholic teachings. Catholic Polytechnic is the fulcrum at the intersection of Faith and Science seeking to promote and combine a deep quest for scientific, tech, engineering and business expertise with the enduring truths of the Catholic faith.


Catholic Polytechnic University

Catholic Polytechnic University (CPU) is a Catholic institution of higher education committed to promoting a STEM education. CPU is located in the Los Angeles area and is on track to accept its first class with enrollment beginning the Fall of 2024.

Catholic Polytechnic Institute

Catholic Polytechnic Institute (CPI) is a research institute committed to conducting science and engineering explorations in areas that innovate the advancement of science and engineering balanced with faith and reason.

Computer Science and Engineering

High Performance Computing, Cybersecurity, and Data Science.


Business information systems, marketing technology and entrepreneurship, and other business-oriented technical disciplines.


Philosophy, Theology, History, Government, Economics, English and Technical Writing.

Catholic Polytechnic presents an opportunity to demonstrate leadership where students, faculty and researchers do not compromise Catholic principles to conduct science and engineering research. Catholic Polytechnic will be a strong voice in a world that often suppresses religious expression.

For centuries, the Catholic Church has been at the forefront of science and technology. Contrary to modern-day popular belief, there are no contradictions between faith and science. In this sense, a faithful Catholic STEM institution can embody how faith and science intermingle to carry on that tradition in the midst of a changing world. The more we learn of the created, the more we learn of our Creator.



Blaise Pascal

A French mathematician, physicist, philosopher, inventor, writer and Catholic theologian who invented of the first calculator and contributed to probability theory.



St. Giuseppe Moscati

Giuseppe Moscati, an Italian medical school professor and pioneer in the field of biochemistry and pathology, whose research led to the discovery of insulin as a cure for diabetes.



Fr. Georges Lemaître

The Belgian priest, astronomer, mathematician, and professor of physics at the Catholic University of Leuven, is credited with first theorizing the Big Bang.



Sr. Mary Kenneth Keller

A religious sister, educator, mathematician, physicist, and pioneer in computer science. She was the first person to earn a Ph.D. in Computer Science in the United States and helped develop BASIC.

Catholic Polytechnic's History


Early Beginnings

Mr. Christopher Plance incorporated Saint Junipero Serra University with the objective of starting a faithful Catholic University in the Los Angeles area. His was the goal of building a Catholic university that is faithful to the Magisterium of the Church. At the same time, Dr. Jennifer Nolan was developing a vision of a polytechnic Catholic University with STEM degrees.

Jan 2016

Catholic Polytechnic University

In January, Plance and Nolan joined forces and Saint Junipero Serra University was officially renamed to Catholic Polytechnic University. The name change is a reflection of our objective to establish a faithful Catholic University with the focus on STEM education. At the same time Dr. Jennifer Nolan became Catholic Polytechnic University's first president.

May 2019

Official Recognition as a Catholic Institution

Catholic Polytechnic University's leadership team met with Los Angeles Archbishop Jose' Gomez and received his approval, blessing, and letter of support.

January 2020

Cybersecurity Certificate Course

In the midst of the pandemic, CPU offered the inaugural cybersecurity certificate class. The course received positive feedback and therefore demonstrated CPU's readiness for both online and in-person instruction.

September 2020

BPPE Application Submitted

After two years of hard work building out the curriculum and infrastructure, CPU formally submitted the licensing application package to the Bureau for Private and Post-Secondary Education (BPPE) for permission to become a university and offer B.S. and M.S. degrees in Computer Science.

December 2021

Catholic Polytechnic Institute

With the board of directors' approval, CPU launches subsidiary Catholic Polytechnic Institute with focus on conducting science and engineering research in cutting edge areas, such as high performance computing, meta learning cognition, cybersecurity, and quantum computing.

Feb 2022

Licensing Approval

CPU received formal approval from the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) to offer a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Science in Computer Science.

January 2024

Class Begins

CPU will open its doors to welcome the first B.S. and M.S. class.

Fall 2024

Catholic Polytechnic in the News

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Catholic Polytechnic Team


Catholic Polytechnic is led by one of our founders and current president, Dr. Jennifer Nolan. She is supported by the Vice President of Operations, Mr. Jeff Hilger and CPI's director and professor of computer science, Dr. John Tran.

The CPU leadership team with Most Reverend Jose' H. Gomez, the Archbishop of Los Angeles, and his staff

Board of Directors

Catholic Polytechnic is governed by a board of directors, consisting of Rev. Dr. Richard Erikson, Mr. Jeff Hilger, Esq., Mr. Peter McNally, Dr. Jennifer Nolan, Mr. Christopher Plance, Mr. Michael Stefanini, and Dr. John Tran. While accomplished in their own rights, they are deeply committed to promoting research and a STEM education that is rooted in Catholic teachings and in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Board of Advisors

We are grateful to the wonderful advisory board who freely donate their time and expertise to the formation of Catholic Polytechnic: Mr. Anthony Beata, Dr. Marcus Birkenkrahe, Mr. David Costanzo, Dr. Jacqueline Curiel, Mr. Dan Davis, J.D., Dr. Edward Feser, Dr. Joseph Henderson, Dr. Kathleen Gilpin, Dr. Daniel Kuebler, Mr. Hugh Macken, Dr. Jim Monaghan, Bishop David G. O'Connell, Rev. Dr. Joachim Ostermann, Mr. Jerome Placido, Mrs. Heather Stefanini, and Mrs. Nora Urrea.

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