About Catholic Polytechnic University

Catholic Polytechnic is a nonprofit Catholic institution of higher education and research. Its mission is to promote the intersection of faith and science as seen through the lens of faithful Catholic teachings. Catholic Polytechnic unites academic freedom and a deep quest for scientific, tech, engineering and business expertise with the enduring truths of the Catholic faith.

Our Mission: The Mission of Catholic Polytechnic University is to advance the evangelical mission of the Catholic Church entrusted to her by Christ through the formation of scientists, engineers, and technology leaders with expertise in business, communications, and theology.

Our Vision: The primary goal of Catholic Polytechnic is top job placement in business and polytechnic careers. The aim would be to place at least 85% of Catholic Polytechnic graduates in business, science or tech career-driven jobs or graduate schools. Catholic Polytechnic outcomes would include critical thinking and writing skills; understanding and appreciation of Catholic theology and a deepening of faith; business skills; general knowledge of several polytechnic fields; and expertise in at least one polytechnic field.



B.S. Computer Science

Undergraduate degree: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering with classes tentatively starting Fall 2023.

M.S. Computer Science

Graduate degree: Masters of Science in Computer Science with classes starting Fall 2023.
Programs of Studies

Science and Engineering

High Performance Computing, Cybersecurity, and Data Science.


Business information systems, technology and entrepreneurship, and other business-oriented technical disciplines.


Philosophy, Theology, History, Government, Economics, English and Technical Writing.


Applying to Catholic Polytechnic University. What is your story? What journey does God have in mind for you? How can Catholic Polytechnic help you achieve your goals? If you feel called to a career that combines science, technology, engineering, math or business with the underpinnings of Catholic faith, consider applying to Catholic Polytechnic University: admissions@catholicpolytechnic.org.

Deadlines and Application Procedure. Because Catholic Polytechnic is in its formation, the application process and timeline is yet to be determined. Please keep checking back for updates.


Become a Catholic Polytechnic University Instructor. There is a moment in the life of any aspiring astronomer that it is time to buy that first telescope. Take the exciting step by joining the Catholic Polytechnic team of instructors, combining your Catholic faith with your STEM career. Please send your resume to jobs@catholicpolytechnic.org.